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Talking with a mortgage professional is the first step in the buying process. By having a clear understanding of what you can afford, we can narrow our search parameters and only explore homes that suit your financial abilities. Mortgage brokers are a great resource for you as they will compare different lending institutions to help you find the most favorable rates and terms. 


Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is an important part of the process of buying a home. Before viewing houses, I recommend we meet together and create a plan. Important factors of this plan include which neighbourhoods are preferred, price, schools, home size, and nice-to-haves vs. absolute requirements. The time it takes to develop this plan is brief in comparison to the time it saves both my clients and I from viewing unsuitable homes. 

Viewing Homes

Although some clients buy the first house they view, others walk through many  before making a purchase. Everyone's home-buying journey is unique. We do not have to wait for an open house to check out a home. When a potential property catches your eye, we can set up a private viewing.


You will most likely view several properties before buying one and it is possible these properties will start to blend together in your mind. Keeping clear notes of what you are viewing will help you make your decision.

Be Prepared 

It is time to make an offer once we have narrowed down our search to one house. It is possible that another buyer likes the same house and writes a competing offer. Be prepared to write a strong offer if this is the case. Contributions to a strong offer are price, deposit size, dates, and conditions. In either case I will be by your side to advise you in all aspects of this process.

      Tips For Buying a Home          
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