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     Steps To Buying a Home      


You've decided you want to buy a home! Talking to a mortgage professional at a bank or with a mortgage broker is your first step. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will give you an accurate idea of what price range of homes we should be looking at.


Narrow Your Search 


Reach out to me and let me know you are are looking to purchase a home or rental property. We can then get together and define your needs, wants, location, price range, size, style, and time frame. This will narrow our search for only properties that suit your needs. Finding the perfect home may take some time or it could be the very first property you see. Having a clearly defined purchasing plan will allow you to be decisive and act quickly once we find the right home.

Attend Showings 

The next step is to look at properties that match your purchasing criteria. We can attend open houses or arrange private showings to view potential homes. While viewing homes it is important not to communicate your interests or motives to any other Realtor, as they have an obligation to relay that information to their client, the Seller.


Making an Offer

You have seen the perfect property and you want to make an offer! I will help you draft the offer, establish a fair market value, the terms, conditions and dates that will give you the best chance of having your offer accepted. My experience and training will ensure that your offer is detail oriented and acknowledges the proper legalities.


Accepted Offers and Subject Removal

Once an offer has been accepted there may be subjects or conditions to meet before the sale is considered a done deal. Typical subject clauses include financing, inspection, insurance, etc. Once all subjects have been removed and the deposit has been delivered your property is officially sold.


Sale to Possession

The time between the sale and taking possession may be as short as a couple weeks and up to several months. This time frame is dependent on the dates negotiated at the time of offer acceptance.



Next, the transition process begins. This is when the seller’s and buyer’s lawyer or notary coordinate the transfer of title and funds on the completion date. If you do not have a lawyer or notary I am more than happy to recommend one of several professionals I work with.


Changing Possession

Once confirmation of completion is received, you may now take possession on the possession date and the process is complete. 

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