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    Tips For Selling Your Home   


The less the better...Disperse of anything that could be considered clutter in your home. Items that are sitting somewhere for the sake of having to be somewhere—put them away. Some notorious spaces for clutter are kitchen counters (e.g. appliances), fridges, basements, and entrance areas. Showing all the available counter space in a kitchen or bathroom is very important because you want a prospective Buyer to see things as large as possible. 


Clean and Presentable

It sounds obvious but there are many homes on the market that won't retrieve the highest price because of how they are presented. Clean your home: take out the garbage, clear the walkways, vacuum the floor, etc. Go the extra mile and do some baking! The smell of fresh baked goods and a note to "help yourself" will make your home all the more memorable. 


Give Buyers Space

Buyers do not want you around during their showing. They want to speak openly with each other and with their realtor and if you, the Seller is standing beside them, that does not give the opportunity to do so. As a Seller, you want to provide the most inviting and comfortable space possible and this does not include you being around when the Buyer is critiquing your home.


Lighten Up

Whether they realize it or not, Buyers appreciate sunshine and natural light. Open the blinds and show off the natural light your home has to offer. Be sure to have the lights on for any showings, and don't forget the fireplace! This is essential on dark and dreary days, or during an evening view. Our rainy winters can make for dark days so be sure to turn on the outside lights.


Listen to the Market

The amount of people through your home is a great gauge of where you are positioned in your market. Listening to comments and acquiring feedback from other Real Estate agents after viewings is how we listen to the market and make adjustments if necessary. 

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