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    Steps To Selling Your Home    

We Get Together


Upon hearing that you are considering selling, we will arrange a time that suits your schedule to get together and view your home. I will put together a CMA (comparative market analysis) that will be the basis for how we price your home. Your CMA will take into consideration the features of your property and what comparable homes have been recently bought and sold for in your area. Receiving a CMA is of no charge and no obligations.



Once we have discussed and established that you want to sell your home, the marketing process begins. We will talk about implementing 'selling tips' and I will obtain high quality professional photography of your home. I will post your property on the MLS as well as other social media platforms. 

Open House & Private Showings

My goal is to get the most amount of potential buyers through your home. I will host open houses, advertise your property to other Realtors, and communicate on your behalf to arrange private viewings.  

Receiving Offers


An offer is a contract of purchase and sale offering to buy your home at a specific price under certain terms and conditions. Terms that are negotiable could include price, dates, included items, and conditions. I am committed to negotiate on your behalf with your best interest in mind. My experience and training will ensure that the contract is detail oriented and acknowledges the proper legalities.

Accepting an Offer & Subject Removal

Once you accept an offer there may still be subjects or conditions to meet before the sale is considered a done deal. Typical subject clauses include financing, inspection, insurance, etc. Once all subjects have been removed and the deposit has been delivered your property is officially sold!

Sale to Possession

The time between the sale and taking possession may be as short as a couple weeks and up to several months. This time frame is dependent on the dates negotiated at the time of offer acceptance.



Next, the transition process begins. The seller’s and buyer’s lawyer or notary coordinate the transfer of title and funds on the completion date. If you do not have a lawyer or notary I am more than happy to recommend one of several professionals I work with.


Changing Possession

Once confirmation of completion is received, the new owners will typically take vacant possession on the possession date and the process is complete.

            Fees To Expect             



The commission is the amount that you pay your Realtor. This is normally agreed upon while going over the details provided in a listing contract and pays both the listing agent and selling agent.


Mortgage Penalty


If you're selling your home before your mortgage is due the bank may charge you a penalty. However, if you're upgrading your home to a higher price range, you may be able to port your existing mortgage over to the new property and avoid paying a penalty. These are good questions to discuss with your mortgage professional.


Property Taxes


Any unpaid property taxes will be due at Completion and will typically come out of the proceeds of the sale.




Some properties may have liens registered that will have to be paid out before you can clear title. If your property has a lien, confirm how much it is and take the steps to clear it.


Legal fees


Legal fees to Sell a home are typically average $800-$1100 to clear a mortgage and transfer title over to a Buyer.

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